Paul J. Johnson

SVP Strategic Marketing and Corporate Business Development

Paul Johnson is an internationally recognized executive with an extensive career in business development and contract management in the areas of aerospace, telecommunications, government and high technology systems. Mr. Johnson currently serves as SVP Strategic Marketing and Corporate Business Development, Contracts at Globecomm, Inc. in Hauppague, NY.

Mr. Johnson's career profile demonstrates deep business experience on a system technology basis, with a special emphasis on international deal-making. As Director of Contracts at California Microwave's STS division he structured major efforts for joint ventures, teaming, product licensing and business agreements that helped grow division revenue and international reach. During that time, Mr. Johnson was instrumental in the closing the single largest contract awarded to STS, the TEP-6 contract with ATT International. In addition, Mr. Johnson designed a fundamental program to achieve ISO 9001 certification by formulating new processes and procedures for cross-functional relationships within the contract process.

As a seasoned contract executive, Mr. Johnson's key assignments demonstrate the depth of his acumen. As Contract Manager at Eaton Airborne Instrument Laboratories (AIL) he was in charge of all Navy Electronic Warfare contracts, where he received a citation for excellence resulting from the structuring and negotiation of a $200 million dollar multi-year procurement. As a TQM management team leader Paul led positive process improvement results that improved the effectiveness of multi-functional teams. Prior to Eaton-AIL, Mr. Johnson was a Senior Contract Administrator at Fairchild Industries-Fairchild Republic Company, where he supervised bid and proposal preparation through contract execution.

At Globecomm, Mr. Johnson anchors the customer relations and contact management executive role for worldwide programs that span across secure communications, media enterprise and mobile switched platforms, to name a few. His international experience has brought him to work in partnerships with major companies in challenging areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. In addition, Mr. Johnson serves as Corporate Secretary for Globecomm, Inc.

Mr. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from St. Bonaventure University. He has also completed the Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) program at Hofstra University and courses in International Business from Adelphi University.