Thomas C. Coyle

SVP, Engineering & Implementation

THOMAS COYLE has over 30 years of experience in the design, implementation and management of Satellite Communication Networks and other sophisticated electronic systems. Mr. Coyle’s current role at Globecomm is the General Management of the Globecomm Systems business, which includes design, provisioning, and management of complex, satellite based, communication networks and end-to-end service solutions. Mr. Coyle’s business focuses on leveraging the combined capabilities of Globecomm Systems and Globecomm Network Services to implement a variety of managed network service solutions. He is responsible for the processes and procedures for program implementation, and network provisioning and transitioning networks to service operations. In 2000, under the direction of Mr. Coyle, a Globecomm team successfully implemented a large international IP network, for a major international carrier, providing 500 Mbps of connectivity from New York to five countries in Latin & South America in less than four months. This network has continuously provided a high quality of service over the past year. Mr. Coyle has also been responsible for implementation of a number of other major programs, which include both network provisioning and service elements. Recent programs include a Terrestrial Radio Broadcast network and an ATM over Satellite based Voice and IP data network.

Prior to joining Globecomm, Mr. Coyle was Director of System Programs for Satellite Transmission Systems, Inc. in Hauppauge, NY. Mr. Coyle and his team were responsible for the design and implementation of numerous satellite earth stations and networks. His tasks included overall responsibility for the system analyses, engineering, implementation and management of all system programs. This included a number of large satellite earth stations and networks in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific regions.

Before joining Satellite Transmission Systems Mr. Coyle was with Norden Systems, a division of United Technologies from 1972 to 1993 where he held positions as a Radar Systems Design Engineer, Engineering Manager and Program Manager. In the engineering role, he was involved in the design and development of both hardware and software subsystems for radar and electronic warfare systems. As a program manager, Mr. Coyle was responsible for several major development and production programs for the U.S. government.

Mr. Coyle holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Hofstra University.