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Tempo Enterprise Media Platform

Tempo is an Enterprise Media Platform that allows organizations to create a secure, private networks for their internal communications, employee training, and digital display. The Tempo service can be distributed over Corporate Wide Area Networks, Internet Content Delivery Networks, or Satellite Networks. Tempo can also be provisioned as a hybrid solution across any combination of the three.

Tempo is a "three screen" solution, allowing you to reach computers, televisions, and mobile devices around the world with live or on-demand content.

Tempo is differentiated by its ability to deliver low-latency, high quality, interactive live events for applications such as Interactive Distance Learning. Tempo is further differentiated by its powerful, intuitive back-end with integration into other enterprise-class software platforms, such as human resource management systems and learning management systems.

Introducing Tempo 2.0 Online Video Platform

This latest release of Tempo expands the power and reach of the online video platform and enterprise streaming media platform with new tools and capabilities designed to extend the reach of your network. Key features and enhancements of Tempo 2.0 online video platform include:

  • Live & On-Demand Streaming Media Services to smart phones and tablets, including Apple and Google Android devices.
  • Offline interactive learning to iPhones and iPads using the Tempo Mobile On Demand app.
  • Support for Interactive Video On Demand using 3rd party SCORM 1.2 compliant tools.
  • Upgraded Presenter Console for Live Interactive Events
  • More Powerful Cloud-based Transcode Engine
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities, Security Options, & Database Engine
  • Managed Services Option

Interact with your Audience

Tempo makes it simple for your presenter to interact with the audience. Elegant Interface options allow viewers to easily submit questions to the presenter and allow the presenter to display slides and issue polling questions.

Tempo also takes advantage of social media, providing group chat capabilities during live broadcasts and allowing your viewers to contribute their own broadcast streaming video content and streaming media video.

Obtain Business Intelligence

Tempo's Analytics Engine provides metrics and reports designed to help you better communicate with your audience. Numerous reports can be generated from the following categories:

  • Network Performance & Utilization
  • Content Viewing
  • Program Interaction
  • Distance Learning Effectiveness
  • Viewer Profiles

Enhance Your Communications Network

As a service provider, Globecomm can cost-effectively enhance and extend your communications network, adding satellite connectivity to remote locations on an occasional or full-time basis. Our network monitoring and system optimization services can also reduce the total cost of ownership and boost the performance of your network over its lifecycle. Our field installers can also integrate satellite terminals at remote locations and ensure a smooth start of service.

With a state-of the-art data center, 7x24 technical support, and global service capabilities, your network will enjoy the same exceptional service that the world's most recognizable broadcasters and communications companies look to Globecomm to provide.

Manage Your Network

Tempo's Master Control Suite gives your organization the ability to manage and control your network. This powerful interface consists of four "chairs" allowing you to publish, broadcast, distribute, and manage all aspects of your network programming:

  • The Publisher's Chair lets you create live events and upload on-demand programming, from deciding streaming media players and viewing privileges to defining the audience and registration criteria.
  • The Director's Chair gives you the ability to manage live events, with full control over the creation and management of slides, polling and chat interaction for your events.
  • The Engineer's Chair provides control over network infrastructure such as encoders and streaming media video servers, real-time network status and access to any open trouble tickets on the network. An Engineer's Toolbox speeds the resolution of issues with an array of troubleshooting tools.
  • The Administrator's Chair manages the viewer database, testing database, usage reports, billing and analytics. It can be integrated with existing enterprise systems such as LDAP Directory Platforms and Learning Management Systems to enhance workflow.

Download our Tempo datasheet.

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