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Globecomm's Cachendo subsidiary provides integrated, end-to-end IT consulting, from strategy through implementation to government agencies and military organizations. Cachendo's consultants work shoulder-to-shoulder with your organization's leadership to define your priorities and goals. After a thorough assessment of your current operating environment, we create a customized implementation plan that ties best-of-breed strategies to goals of improving overall unit performance, cost containment and customer satisfaction.

Project Consulting Experience You Can Trust...

As trusted advisors to government, military and commercial clients, Cachendo offers expert guidance on complex IT and satcom projects requiring keen insight, innovative thinking and commitment to performance.

By drawing from our extensive experience and knowledge of industry best practices, we create solutions that capitalize on investments in existing enterprise systems and allow you to transition seamlessly to a modern technology environment.

Professional Services Worldwide...

Cachendo's engineers implement, operate and maintain satcom systems and network infrastructures according to your organization's strategic plan.

Well-designed engineering solutions and robust products are substantial assets to any government organization; they are also a maintenance responsibility, requiring comprehensive, customized and ongoing support. Cachendo's engineers implement, operate, maintain and service satcom network infrastructures according to your organization's specific strategic plan. Our highly qualified technicians and resources are embedded in organizations across the globe to provide a full range of scalable maintenance plans, installation services and support to maintain your critical infrastructure components.

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