Portable Earth Stations

Portable Earth Stations

Explorer mobile earth station antennas with integrated satcom electronics (L through Ka-band and all intermediate frequencies) are suited for a wide range of military, government, institutional, business and other applications. Explorer earth station antennas are available in sizes ranging from sub-meter up to 3.7 meters. Depending on your satcom requirements, they can be configured as manpacks, flyaways (either auto-aligning or manual) or as trailer or vehicle-mounted satellite transportable terminals.

Satellite Transportable TerminalGlobecomm's Explorer satellite transportable terminals and mobile satellite antennas are fully capable and easy to use for a wide range of applications for government agencies and other worldwide corporations and enterprises. Whatever the configuration, they provide cost-effective, two-way communications in locations where traditional telecommunications infrastructure is inadequate or nonexistent.

Explorer Mobile Satellite Transportable Terminal Models

The following are some of our most popular Explorer mobile satellite transportable terminal models. Click on the links to download complete specifications in PDF format. You can also download a summary brochure on all of Globecomm's Explorer products.

The TomCat™ X-Band – Designed for use in the tactical environment and other rapid response applications., this small, light-weight X-Band satcom terminal sets up in less than 10 minutes.

Auto-Explorer 0.77 Meter – An auto-aligning satcom flyaway designed to meet the performance requirements of international and regional satellite operators.

Auto-Explorer 1.0/1.2 Meter – An auto-aligning flyaway that provides high-bandwidth, cost-effective, two-way satcom for corporations, governments and other organizations.

Auto-Explorer 1.0/1.2 Meter LT – A lightweight auto-aligning flyaway that provides high-bandwidth, cost-effective satcom for corporations, governments and other organizations.

Auto-Explorer 1.2 Meter Multi-Band - A self-contained, portable, auto-acquisition terminal that can be quickly customized in the field for X, Ku or Ka-band applications.

Explorer - Mobile earth stations custom-configured for each customer’s requirements from pre-engineered "building block" components proven through mission-critical service in the field

Explorer TES – A trailer-mounted transportable earth station antenna able to serve as primary earth station or remote hub for the most demanding applications.

GlobalStorm 2400 – A trailer-based earth station antenna system for field communications, featuring a 2.4m antenna large enough for difficult links.

GlobalStorm 3700 – A trailer-based earth station antenna system featuring a high-powered 3.7m antenna for field communications.

Explorer Pallet – A vehicle-mounted transportable satcom pallet antenna providing single or multi-band terminals for operation on X-band military satellites as well as C and Ku-band commercial satellites.

Explorer BGAN

Inmarsat BGAN Terminal – Globecomm also offers highly-mobile voice and data access anywhere in the world offering guaranteed data rates on demand via Inmarsat satellites systems.

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