Teleport Services

Teleport Services MapWhen you are looking for connectivity, you need global reach, high quality and the ability to deliver data, video and voice anywhere under almost any conditions. To meet that need, Globecomm offers a wide range of teleport services for voice, data, Internet and video that leverage our global transmission capacity and our network of data center, content management and switching facilities.

Access Plus

Access Plus is a suite of transmission and network services for secure IP connectivity, VOIP and data communications worldwide. Supporting the network standards of the major VSAT manufacturers, Globecomm provides both transmit/receive and receive-only IP services, with Internet connectivity, through links to multiple Tier-1 service providers. Optional services include IP address assignment, hosting and media streaming for applications.

Satellite Connectivity Services

Access Plus offers robust, cost-effective satellite and fiber connectivity worldwide through a managed network incorporating satellite bandwidth, teleport access points and fiber circuits stretching around the globe. The combination of commercial off-the-shelf iDirect, ViperSat and DVB-RCS customer equipment and Globecomm's high-efficiency network delivers high availability, reliability and quality of service - scalable from a few Kbps to multiple Mbps - at a competitive cost.

Access Global X

Access Global X is an end-to-end solution for robust X-band communications around the world. Globecomm provides licensed teleport services assets, commercial X-band satellite capacity, and satellite terminal equipment, ranging from the TomCat manpack to 0.77m and 1.2m Auto-Explorer self-aligning terminals up to 4.0m fixed hub earth stations. With redundant and diverse STM-1 connectivity between the teleports and major European points of presence, Globecomm's global fiber network offers multiple E1 connections to our NY DISN node, robust IP connectivity, US-based voice termination services and US or European IP addresses.

Access Voice Termination

Access Voice provides toll-quality international voice termination using satellite and VOIP through Globecomm's teleport facilities, robust IP connectivity and PSTN termination.

Access Video Backhaul

Access Video Backhaul is a complete video transmission solution supporting broadcast-quality video as well as videoconferencing, surveillance and other applications. Globecomm provides satellite and terrestrial transmission, program origination, turnaround, routing and switching and termination to the customer network. Our next-generation video-data-voice networks provide high throughput and uptime.

Access Bandwidth

Access Bandwidth delivers satellite bandwidth on high-demand routes around the globe, including provision and management. See our Coverage Map for a selection of satellites on which Globecomm leases bandwidth.

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Need Systems With That Service?

In addition to teleport services, Globecomm provides end-to-end design and integration of communications systems and networks. Customers can select from our cost-effective products or ask us to custom-design earth stations, uplink centers, broadcast centers or next-generation networks to meet their needs.