Monitoring & Control Software

Government Monitoring and Control SoftwareAxxSys Orion is the next generation of Globecomm's popular network management system. A robust, scalable platform, AxxSys Orion monitors and controls all of the terrestrial elements of a satellite communications network and integrates them with ground-based telecom sytems, from routers to microwave, fiber to wireless. Deployed over an industry-standard IP network, it is capable of monitoring and controlling dozens to thousands of devices. This standards-based, distributed architecture delivers high quality of service, state-of-the-art security and high reliability with a low total cost of ownership.


Distributed Architecture Provides a Robust, Scalable Platform.

AxxSys Orion consists of software running on centralized or distributed servers, which communicate using standards-based protocols with front-end processors serving each piece of satellite communications equipment.

Intuitive Interface Simplifies Navigation and Operation.

The standards-based software provides intuitive navigation and operation of even highly complex satellite networks.

Comprehensive Reporting and Customization Tools Reduce Management Needs.

AxxSys Orion includes a wide range of reporting, scripting and customization tools that make activity reporting, system configuration and updates fast and easy.

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