SatCell Instant Wireless

SatCell Instant Wireless is an integrated satellite terminal and wireless base station, housed in rugged transport cases for instant deployment of cellular voice and data services. With the addition of a mast or other mobile antenna, it provides a fully operable network node that can be moved to any strategic location and activated within minutes. The SatCell units can operate as a self-contained, stand-alone system or be interconnected with other terminals to form a wide-area network.

Satcell is an ideal application for the military and government agencies, as well as various enterprises seeking to enhance their own wireless networks. The Satcell Instant Wireless base station can provide a natural extension to cellular networks in order to meet increased demand.

SatCell uses a Globecomm's award-winning, demand-assigned network technology that optimizes mobile signaling and backhaul traffic for transmission as IP via satellite. The result is a dramatic reduction in the bandwidth required to connect base stations. SatCell Instant Wireless provides:

  • One-stop, flexible solution for commercial off-the-shelf handsets, including all systems, software, transmission and switiching.
  • Up to 48x increase in satellite transmission efficiency.
  • Support for GSM, CDMA and UMTS (WCDMA) mobile standards as well as Type 1 GSM secure terminals if required.
  • Advanced calling features, roaming, data, and SMS.
  • Wide range of terminal solutions from vehicle-mounted systems to portable base stations with telescoping mast antennas.

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