Tempo Hosted Interactive Video Services

Tempo Hosted Interactive Video Services

Video is the new text. Experts today forecast an explosion in the use of video content in training, corporate communications and visual communication. Few business or government networks are ready for the bandwidth, storage and management challenges that will come with the video revolution. Fortunately, they don't have to be. Because there's Tempo.

Tempo is a secure hosted service that can power the full range of video-based distance learning, corporate communications and digital signage. With the Tempo platform, authorized individuals in any location can add, organize, change, publish and distribute on-demand programming or live video and interactive channels. The programming crosses content delivery networks, enterprise wide-area networks or satellite channels to reach end-users at their computers, televisions or mobile devices, with full interactivity as needed.

Ease of Management

Tempo's Master Control Suite puts total control of the content delivery network in your hands. The intuitive user interface covers publishing of on-demand content, direction of live events, network management and adminstration:

  • The Publisher's Chair lets you create live events and upload on-demand programming, from deciding media players and viewing privileges to defining the audience and registration criteria.
  • The Director's Chair gives you the ability to manage live events, with full control over the creation and management of slides, polling and chat interaction for your events.
  • The Engineer's Chair provides control over network infrastructure such as encoders and media servers, real-time network status and access to any open trouble tickets on the network. An Engineer's Toolbox speeds the resolution of issues with an array of troubleshooting tools.
  • The Administrator's Chair manages the viewer database, testing database, usage reports, billing and analytics. It can be integrated with existing enterprise systems such as LDAP Directory Platforms and Learning Management Systems to enhance workflow.

World-Class Platform As a Cost-Effective Hosted Service

Tempo delivers these robust capabilities as a hosted service, which eliminates the need for capital investment and maintenance of complex systems that begin to become obsolete the moment you buy them. The Tempo service is built on Globecomm's integrated fiber, satellite and data center infrastructure and supported by our network of installers and field technicians across the United States and around the world. The team behind Tempo has decades of experience with the most demanding interactive video and content delivery applications for major broadcasters, government agencies and businesses.

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Need Systems With That Service?

In addition to interactive video services, Globecomm provides end-to-end design and integration of communications systems and networks. Customers can select from our Summit and Explorer lines of cost-effective products or ask us to custom-design earth stations, uplink centers, broadcast centers or next-generation networks to meet their needs.