Manage Tempo Video Platform

Tempo Video Platform

Tempo's Master Control Suite gives you the ability to efficiently manage your content and control its delivery. This powerful interface consists of four “chairs” that allow you to publish, interact, manage, and measure all aspects of your network programming.

The Publisher's Chair gives you the ability to create live events and upload on-demand programming. Its many features include the ability to select from a variety of media players, assign viewing privileges, define a unique audience, and create event registration parameters. From the Publisher's Chair, you can also review user-generated content for suitability prior to publishing, and customize a program guide or Web portal providing access to content.

The Director's Chair is a powerful interface that enables you to interact and manage live events. Touch screen monitors let presenters display slides and administer polling in real time to measure compliance and comprehension, as well as managing online chat among viewers. Outputs from the Director’s Chair easily integrate into Learning Management Systems.

The Engineer's Chair gives you control over network infrastructure, such as encoders and media servers, and access to real-time network status. A special feature, the Engineer’s Toolbox, offers troubleshooting applications to help you manage technical issues with your network.

The Administrator's Chair provides you with elements such as the Master Viewer Database, Testing Database, Usage Reports, Billing Reports, and Analytics. All of these administrative elements can be integrated with your existing enterprise software systems – such as LDAP Directory Platforms and Learning Management Systems – to enhance your business workflow.

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