Tempo Streaming Media

Tempo Streaming MediaThe Tempo Core System and Media Appliance provide the capabilities of our Tempo Enterprise Media Platform to organizations that prefer to manage their own communications infrastructure. Implemented in the enterprise network, they enable rich content distribution via enterprise WAN, Internet CDN, satellite or a combination of them all.

Tempo Core System

Hosted in your data center, the Tempo Core System offers trainers, corporate communications and marketing professionals a range of powerful capabilities for content management and distribution. Our simplified workflow model lets them quickly and easily:

  • Upload, manage and publish video content for on-demand distribution
  • Schedule and produce live events that include audience interaction
  • Manage multiple distribution networks
  • Create and manage viewer databases
  • Understand usage with powerful analytics

Tempo Media Appliance

The Tempo Media Appliance provides enterprises the power to ensure the broadest possible distribution of content while limiting the overall bandwidth demands on the enterprise network. Instead of having all video streams originate at the Core, the Media Appliance becomes a local storage and redistribution point for high-value content. Coupled with our Keypads, the Media Appliance provides corporations with increased throughput without sacrificing the individual user's experience.

Tempo Features

  • IP-based centralized and distributed content targeting and management system
  • Protected file and stream content delivery using Fazzt FEC®
  • Integrated DVB-S2 satellite receiver, IP network interfaces, and 802.11N WiFi
  • Hardware video decoding enabling HD (1080P) video output
  • Live video recording and indexing
  • Video on Demand to multiple endpoints – Local monitor, PCs and WiFi clients
  • Video streaming to LAN connected Set Top Decoders
  • A solid-state drive for OS and control system that provides reliable system performance

Need More Information?

Globecomm also provides the Tempo Enterprise Media Platform as a hosted service, distributing content securely to computers, televisions and mobile devices. For more information on the Tempo Appliance or Tempo Platform, contact your nearest Globecomm office.