BGAN Terminals

BGAN Terminals

Inmarsat's broadband global area network (BGAN) is a ground-breaking service. For the first time, all the connectivity of an office is available via a small, easy-to-use terminal – and it works anywhere. Users have a choice of devices ranging from 1kg to around 4kg in weight. Simply point the terminal at the Inmarsat BGAN satellite, take a few moments to establish a connection, even a first-time user can be online in less than two minutes.

Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminals provides simultaneous voice and data connections. In effect, it provides the user with a miniature office, allowing access to email, internet, telephone calls – in fact all the things that can be achieved from a normal office set-up.

Global coverage is provided by three Inmarsat BGAN satellites and the service is identical everywhere in the world, regardless of your location. (The only thing that varies is the direction in which the terminal must be pointed.)

Set up a broadband mobile office in minutes

Using an Inmarsat BGAN terminal requires little or no technical skills and it certainly does not need an engineer to get one up and running. Most terminals have a small LCD interface screen, which gives clear feedback during the set-up process. And most also have a simple beep tone which lets the user know when the signal strength is sufficient to start using the terminal. Ask us about a trial for your organisation– you may be surprised by the capabilities of BGAN satellite terminals.

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