Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro handheld satellite phone is the latest model on the market, and has some big advantages over other handhelds.

  • Size: it is among the smallest, lightest devices out there
  • Cost: less than half the cost of its competitors
  • Ease of use: IsatPhone Pro satellite telephone was purpose-made for the Inmarsat network
  • Ruggedness: the satellite telephone is well made and designed to withstand harsh conditions
  • Quality: IsatPhone Pro call quality is by far the best of any handheld satphone
  • Futureproof: IsatPhone Pro is a new handheld which runs on new satellites. It will remain current for many years to come – unlike many other handhelds on the market

The Inmarsat phone coverage is global (download map here - 164kb PDF). The system is harmonised with GPS and the Inmarsat satellite phone is capable of sending its location in the form of an SMS - ideal for safety/security applications. This Inmarsat phone is designed to work in just about any conditions and there are no worries about battery life because it has the longest in the market.

  • Global Coverage
  • Robust Handset
  • Clear Voice Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy to Use
  • Reliable Network
  • Connection

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Options

A comprehensive range of Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro satellite phone accessories, including docking units, is also available.

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