Access Chat Plus

Access Chat Plus takes communication technology to the next evolutionary step. It allows clients to communicate around the world, through fully encrypted means, with minimal encryption overhead. Access Chat Plus operates via dial up, broadband and satellite networks around the world.


  • Audio conferencing (peer-to-peer/multi-peer)
  • Low-bandwidth, high-resolution solution
  • Live streaming video
  • IM chat
  • Data & file transfer
  • Multiple and private chat set up
  • Encryption on all reatures
  • Selectable bandwidth consumption at 40-500 Kbps and 5-30 frames per second
  • Selectable bandwidth consumption from 8-30 Kbps for audio only
  • Switch from satellite-to-satellite, satellite-to-mobile data, or carrier-to-carrier without having to reinitiate IP session

Access Chat Plus works on Windows®-based PC's, netbooks, tablets and/or Android®-based smartphones and tablets.

  • Audio broadcasts requiring lower costs for higher quality
  • Remote telemedicine
  • Remote video and audio surveillance
  • Maritime business and crew welfare communications
  • Secure, very cost effective ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore text messaging
  • Secure, cost-effective voice communications
  • Replace VHF radios for security and "over-the-Horizon"
  • Cost-effective crew welfare voice and text messaging
  • Always-on texting—even in high-noise environments
  • Easily switch from satellite to mobile data when near coast

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