Access Maritime L-Band

With on-demand L-band services, Access Maritime provides a fully-managed service, billed by the megabit, on Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and 3G, which uses optimum compression and encryption to reduce the costs of data by more than 50%. Powerful filters can set black/white lists, assign limits to message sizes and display the cost of email messages and Web browsing during sessions.

High-Value Applications

Access Maritime offers a large and growing menu of applications to streamline vessel operations, improve safety and better manage information technology across the fleet.

Vessel Management

  • Weather analysis and display providing around-the-clock weather information through an icon-driven graphical interface.
  • Electronic submission of US Coast Guard Notice of Arrival/Departure Forms
  • Electronic form templates, which convert your most common forms into online templates that can be transmitted at a small fraction of the cost of a fax.
  • Communications Manager, which provides fast access to information on vessel communications, including email logs, billing and account balance information, email filters and much more - all online from any PC connected to the internet.


  • Remote maintenance and updates to shipboard computers by fleet IT staff.
  • Graphic management tools that help email users reduce total file sizes.
  • Centrally-managed antivirus system that maintains high-quality protection for all computers in the fleet network while reducing transmission costs.
  • Automatic archiving of all vessel data communications.
  • Email client that also provides SMS, fax and telex to and from email accounts.

Secure Video Chat

  • High-performance, low-bandwidth, secure video calling and conferencing for computers and smartphones, supporting multi-party conferencing, live video streaming, live chat and secure file transfer.

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