Access Maritime VSAT

Access Maritime VSATWith always-on VSAT, Access Maritime offers you a Committed Information Rate guarantee that delivers high performance at a fixed cost. Compression reduces total traffic and QOS throttling allows you to prioritize critical communications. Built-in caching stores popular Web content aboard ship, which improves performance while reducing traffic.

Auto-Switching and Fail-Over

Access Maritime manages automatic switching between VSAT satellite beams to maintain the link as vessels move. The same technology detects loss of VSAT availability and can fall back automatically through up to four devices connecting to L-Band or 3G services.

High-Value Applications

Access Maritime offers a large and growing menu of applications to streamline vessel operations, improve safety and better manage information technology across the fleet.

Vessel Management

  • Weather analysis and display providing around-the-clock weather information through an icon-driven graphical interface.
  • Electronic submission of US Coast Guard Notice of Arrival/Departure Forms
  • Electronic form templates, which convert your most common forms into online templates that can be transmitted at a small fraction of the cost of a fax.
  • Communications Manager, which provides fast access to information on vessel communications, including email logs, billing and account balance information, email filters and much more - all online from any PC connected to the internet.


  • Remote maintenance and updates to shipboard computers by fleet IT staff.
  • Graphic management tools that help email users reduce total file sizes.
  • Centrally-managed antivirus system that maintains high-quality protection for all computers in the fleet network while reducing transmission costs.
  • Automatic archiving of all vessel data communications.
  • Email client that also provides SMS, fax and telex to and from email accounts.

Secure Video Chat

  • High-performance, low-bandwidth, secure video calling and conferencing for computers and smartphones, supporting multi-party conferencing, live video streaming, live chat and secure file transfer.

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