Maritime Consulting Services

Maritime communications is evolving fast, and ship owners and managers have many questions about its value:

  • How much bandwidth and what kind of communications systems do you really need to meet your requirements?
  • What applications do you need to support to run an efficient operation?
  • Can electronic delivery of information and vessel management services pay for themselves in efficiency gains?
  • How can you provide crew welfare services without letting unrestricted Web browsing and video downloads drive costs through the roof?

Globecomm is ready to advise ship owners and managers on the right mix of technology and services to meet their real needs, at a cost they can justify today. From basic Inmarsat and Iridium voice and email to broadband networking, we help assess your requirements and budget needs, and match them to the best available technology solution. We engineer everything with room for growth, because communications demand tends to go in only one direction: up.

Project Consulting Experience You Can Trust

As trusted advisors to maritime and enterprise clients, Globecomm offers expert guidance on complex projects requiring keen insight, innovative thinking and commitment to performance. By drawing from our extensive experience and knowledge of industry best practices, we create solutions that capitalize on investments in existing systems and allow you to transition seamlessly to a modern technology environment.

Professional Services Worldwide

In addition to offering analysis, recommendations and designs, Globecomm can also install, operate and maintain networks according to your organization's strategic plan. Well-designed engineering solutions and robust products are substantial assets to any organization; they are also a maintenance responsibility, requiring comprehensive, customized and ongoing support. Our highly qualified technicians and resources are embedded in organizations across the globe to provide a full range of scalable maintenance plans, installation services and support to maintain your critical infrastructure components.

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