Iridium Satellite Terminals

Iridium Satellite Terminals

Globecomm offers the full range of marine-capable Iridium satellite terminals from leading manufacturers including:

  • Iridium OpenPort
  • Iridium SAILOR
  • Iridium Handhelds

Only Iridium's global service allows maritime users to send and receive voice, messaging and data regardless of location. Ship-to-shore. Shore-to-ship. Ship-to-ship. With a host of user-friendly equipment options and all-around affordability, Iridium is the single solution for your maritime communications needs.

Operational Advantages

  • Only two-way coverage that includes the world’s oceans and polar regions.
  • Fixed or handheld units.
  • No Special code dialing necessary.
  • RJ-11 jack for PBX and wireless phone compatibility.
  • Flat rates with no long-distance or roaming charges.
  • Special low vessel-to-vessel rates.
  • Small, inexpensive terminals.
  • Small omni-directional, maintenance-free antenna.

Iridium Maritime

Truly global coverage is available with Iridium's maritime products designed to allow communications anywhere in the world, including oceans, airways and polar regions.


  • Seamless coverage: enables global connectivity.
  • Access: provides worldwide coverage on a single international phone.
  • Welfare communications: offers a crew scratch-card solution
  • Extra services: optimize the standard Iridium satellite service with our value-add solutions.


  • High-quality standard voice service
  • SMS and fax
  • Email and small-file data transfer
  • Weather resistant
  • Large variety of accessories
  • Advanced voice services such as voicemail, call barring, forwarding, and call restrictions
  • Data services up to 128 kbps

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