JRC JUE 250 Inmarsat Marine Terminals

Competitive, Compact & Global

JRC - JUE 250 Inmarsat Marine Terminals

The JUE 250 from JRC offers reliable, solid communications, delivering simultaneous voice and data to multiple users onboard via a compact antenna. The JUE 250 allows the option of a seamless upgrade path for users of the legacy JRC Fleet F33 terminal, the JUE 33. By using the same F33 Antenna a highly cost effective upgrade can be achieved to the new IP based JUE 250 by simply replacing the below decks unit.

JUE 250 gives you:

  • High-speed data up to 284kbps
  • IP streaming of speeds up to 128kpbs
  • ISDN 64k and 3.1kHz Audio
  • Dedicated JRC handset
  • Durable antenna
  • Multiple interfaces including Ethernet(PoE), RJ11, USB and WRF

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