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se@COMM is an uncomplicated, simple to use software communication suite that manages all of your email, data and online communication requirements while at sea. se@COMM from Telaurus, a Globecomm company, makes currently installed Iridium or Inmarsat communication systems – including the latest broadband services from both Inmarsat and Iridium – far more efficient, using link optimization and advanced compression algorithms. Benefiting both vessel owners and crew members, se@COMM controls costs while providing services typically expected with land-based communications.

Cost Control for Maritime Communications

se@COMM is an advanced maritime communication management system designed to address the specific needs of the vessel Master and Shipping Company. It transmits each message with optimum compression and encryption, reducing the cost of your data by more than 50%. Messages are priced by their size after compression. This differs from most communication systems that charge by the minute. The key benefit of charging by the Kilobit is that costs are predictable and lower than those incurred by charging for airtime and provides much greater transparency of a vessels communication costs than is otherwise possible.

Prior to transmitting any message, se@COMM displays its cost and asks the user if the message should be sent. This gives the vessel captain more efficient control when managing his communications budget. Using simple yet very powerful filters, each user with a se@COMM account can decide which email addresses they will accept emails from and how large those emails may be. Through a password-protected configuration screen, the onboard administrator can manage all account changes required for the ships business, eliminating the need for shore-side involvement. Consequently account management is fast and easy.

se@COMM includes special features that support cost reduction and efficient vessel management.

  • se@FORMSSM converts your most common forms into electronic templates. Instead of transmitting all of the graphics that make up a typical form, se@FORMS transmits just the data captured by the form to reduce the total number of bits transmitted.
  • se@NOADSM is Telaurus' solution for the cost-effective electronic submission of US Coast Guard Notice of Arrival/Departure forms.
  • se@REMOTESM allows fleet IT staff to conduct remote maintenance and updates to shipboard computers.
  • se@IMAGESM is a graphic management tool that helps email users select the appropriate size and resolution for transmitting graphic attachment in order to minimize the number of bits transmitted.
  • se@SHIELDSM is Telaurus' centrally managed anti-virus system that maintains high-quality protection for all the computers in the fleet network.
  • se@ARCHIVE provides the Ship-Owner/Manager a complete archive of all his vessel's data communications in the event of an insurance claim or other event requiring historic records to be provided.
  • se@TRACK allows a ship's manager to see his vessels position (actual and historic) on a graphical representation accessible from Telaurus' SMT (Ship Management Tool) web portal.

Ship Management Tool (SMT)

SMT is a web portal that allows a ship's Manager to monitor and control his vessel's communications from any location where he has access to the internet. It also allows him to download both current and historic invoices in PDF format, and as a spreadsheet so he can conduct further analysis on his communication costs.

Low-Cost Crew Communication

se@COMM also addresses the specific needs of crewmembers by offering affordable, private, and accessible maritime communications. With se@COMM, crewmembers have the ability to send and receive emails and SMS text, and browse the Web anywhere in the world.

Crew members as se@COMM users is quick and simple. The intuitive onboard account setup screens ensure that users with a pre-paid se@CARDSM card or credit card will be online, enjoying the ability to communicate privately with their friends and family, in a matter of minutes. Once a crewmember has established their account with se@CARD, they receive a personal email address and personal password. The same card can be used for SMS at fixed rates, for email and for Web browsing. The user's account transfers easily from vessel to vessel within a se@COMM-enabled fleet. If users spend extended periods of time on shore, they have the ability to forward messages sent from their Telaurus account to any email address of their choosing. A passing glance at the se@COMM display screen notifies crew members of newly arrived email. It is no longer necessary to spend money querying a shoreside server just to see if there is email.

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