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marine satellite antennasGlobecomm's provides best-of-breed maritime products to the maritime industry to support its managed network services, including:

Stabilized Satellite Antennas

Globecomm offers a wide range of shipboard stabilized marine satellite antennas for VSAT broadband service from major manufacturers. Enclosed in weatherproof radomes and designed to automatically acquire and track satellites, they provide precise, reliable uplinks and downlinks regardless of weather conditions.

Globecomm provides marine satellite antennas, stablilized platforms and all associated electronics required to interconnect with ship systems, with installation and testing.

Inmarsat Terminals

Globecomm offers the full range of Inmarsat marine terminals and marine satellite terminals from the leading manufacturers for services including:

Iridium Terminals

Only Iridium's global service allows maritime users to send and receive voice, messaging and data regardless of location. Ship-to-shore. Shore-to-ship. Ship-to-ship. With a host of user-friendly equipment options and all-around affordability, Iridium is the single solution for your maritime communications needs.

Globecomm offers the full range of marine-capable Iridium satellite terminals from leading manufacturers for services including:

  • Iridium Pilot
  • Iridium SAILOR
  • Iridium Handhelds

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