With se@FLEX service from Globecomm Maritime, you get all the tools you need from one service provider to ensure global coverage, seamless service, and full transparency of your costs and service levels. It is a VSAT-based service, with a Committed Information Rate (CIR) guarantee that delivers high performance at a fixed cost. It is also – on-demand – an L-Band service with powerful management capabilities that keep usage and costs to a minimum. That's why we call it se@FLEX.

With se@FLEX, automatic switching technology maintains the VSAT link as vessels move between satellite beams. The same technology detects loss of VSAT availability and auto-switches service to L-band backup on demand, while at the same time engaging sophisticated QOS systems that compress and prioritize traffic to keep costs under control.

Globecomm Maritime provides hardware, either purchased or leased from Globecomm, as well as software, systems installation, satellite connectivity and lifecycle support services.

But that is just the beginning. Globecomm Maritime gives you access to all of your essential applications – from crew welfare browsing to machine critical applications – starting with minimum requirements and expanding as your needs grow.


  • Guaranteed CIR over Ku-Band coverage reaching more than 95% of global shipping lanes
  • Seamless and automatic switching between Ku beams, and to L-Band service, for true global coverage
  • Onboard GSM mobile network for crew welfare and machine to machine (M2M) communications
  • Future convertibility options to Ka-Band service platforms

Key Benefits:

  • Provide ship and crew with always-on usage for a shore-like experience
  • Maintain communications anywhere, under any conditions, while robust QOS applications keep costs under control
  • Customized solutions depending on your requirements
  • Flat rate monthly pricing including hardware leasing options

The Power of Broadband

Access to broadband brings vessel operators unlimited access to applications that improve performance, reduce costs and maintain crew welfare. Email, Web browsing and phone service maintain management communications and allow crew to stay in touch with friends and family. Online training and telemedicine improve shipboard life. Remote management services – such as engine data exchange, electronic navigation and remote IT management – enable vessel operators to run their operations more effectively.

Quality Hardware

Globecomm Maritime provisions and installs field-tested hardware that has passed the rigorous analysis of our R&D Team and certified engineers. As every ship has different needs, our engineers will customize your package to best suit your requirements. We offer both:

  • Stabilized Antennas and Electronics.
  • Bandwidth Management Products.

Global Coverage

Globecomm Maritime controls a global inventory of satellite bandwidth offering Ku-band coverage over more than 95% of global shipping lanes. With offices around the globe, Globecomm Maritime can also integrate and install shipboard systems or provide consulting, engineering, training and other support for your own installation team. Our NOC provides 24x7 monitoring, troubleshooting and help desk support worldwide.

Globecomm maritime coverage

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