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Finally, an uncomplicated, simple-to-use software suite that manages all of your email, data transfer, and voice communication requirements while at sea. se@COMM® is an advanced maritime communication management system designed to address the specific needs of the vessel Master and Shipping Company. It allows complete control of the communication circuit by the use of both software and hardware firewalls to ensure that no unwanted or unnecessary data is transmitted.

For L-band services, se@COMM transmits each message with optimum compression and encryption, reducing the cost of your data by more than 50%. Fully itemized billing, detailing each and every email sent/received allows not only for effective cost monitoring, but also gives Ship Manager's the ability to recharge Owners, Charterers and other third parties for costs incurred by them.

  • The software displays the cost of each message for approval by the sender prior to transmission as well as the data being consumed, and the actual cost of that data during online sessions such as web-browsing or remote access.
  • All messages sent to and from a ship via se@COMM are automatically delivered in real time.
  • Using simple yet powerful filters, each se@COMM account holder can set black/ white lists, as well as assign limits to message sizes. Similar filters can also be used to control websites that users are allowed to browse.
  • A multiple-accounts function allows both business and private usage with minimal administration. This means crew can have their own prepaid accounts.
  • Once in range of any shore-based connection, such as Wi-Max, vessels can automatically switch over from the Inmarsat device to a lower cost option.
  • se@COMM is compatible with all Inmarsat Fleet Broadband, Fleet, Mini-M, and Inmarsat B devices, as well as Iridium Openport and legacy Iridium devices.

High-Value Services

se@COMM gives you access to a wide range of value-added services that control costs, maintain network security and provide valuable real-time information to ships at sea. They include:

Vessel Management

  • se@TRACKSM logs a vessel's GPS coordinates and displays its course on an interactive world map. More
  • se@WEATHERSM from Globecomm and AWT is an icon-driven graphical marine weather analysis and display system that provides on-board and around-the-clock global weather information. More
  • se@NOADSM cost-effective electronic submission of US Coast Guard Notice of Arrival/Departure forms. More
  • se@FORMSSM converts your most common forms into electronic templates. More
  • Ship Management Tool provides fast access to important information on vessel communications, including email logs, billing and account balance information, email filters and much more - all online from any PC connected to the internet. More


  • se@REMOTESM allows fleet IT staff to conduct remote maintenance and updates to shipboard computers. More
  • se@IMAGESM is a graphic management tool that helps email users select the appropriate graphic size and resolution. More
  • se@SHIELDSM centrally managed anti-virus system maintains high-quality protection for all the computers in the fleet network. More
  • se@ARCHIVESM provides the Ship-Owner/Manager a complete archive of all his vessel's data communications. Customers can either choose to store data locally, or make use of the Telaurus SMT facility. More
  • se@COMM® SMS lets vessels and private crew accounts send and receive SMS text messages from the se@comm ® email account. More
  • se@COMM® to Fax/Telex allows users to send fax and telex communications using their se@COMM® email account. More
  • se@Mail provides a simple, low graphics e-mail account that can also be used for contact management or in conjunction with popular e-mail clients. More

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