What Our Customers Have to Say about se@COMM®

"Great, we like it a lot. From an operations stand point it is great, from a cost stand point it is excellent, absolutely excellent, we are very happy with the pricing we've got....The system has been absolutely stable….the big selling point [for us] is that you don't have to dial up for email, it is real time and low cost. Some of our more computer literate Captains are a little frustrated at how simple the front end is, but it is supposed to be idiot proof so we are in favor of keeping it simple."

Michael Papaioannou, Director, Helikon Shipping, London, UK

"It is my first time using Email system. Regarding se@COMM, personnel and assistance rendered by them in any problem we face, i have not any claim against them, contrary, they very kind and helpful. [Your Customer Service] helped me a lot on my starting to work with the system."

Captain S.G. Vlissidis, Master of the M/T Parnassos

"100% improvement in our operations, it is easy to setup, easy to use. Now we can get in touch [with our vessels] anywhere, globally."

Troy Garcia, IT Manager, Marine Tankers Services (MTS), North Miami Beach, FL

"The system is working much better and more reliable than what we had before. We are now realizing that we want more crew kiosks."

Cliff Wilt, Marine Engineering Manager, Tropical Shipping Co. Ltd, Riviera Beach, FL

"Our whole marine department communicates with the vessels." and " we are seeing more cost savings and more possibilities than our previous methods" of communications.

Charles Schmitt, Marine Engineering Supervisor

"The system is one of the most user friendly system I in my more than 25 years with differet communication systems Civil and Military have worked with. We are sending all ships messages - stowplans- internal message on your system, we are not using the inmarsat c system anymore."

Capt. Grun, Master of the M/T Tropic Key

"It is working great! I was talking to the Engineer [by radio] about a gear problem and two minutes later I was looking at a picture of it!"

Ian Relf, Fleet Operations and Technical Manager, MMS Ship Management (MMS), West Palm Beach, FL

"The system is easy to use and has been primarily operated by myself and also the Chief Engineer. For private use..., there has been initial instruction but after basic instruction the crewmember has operated the system without any problem. For me I am very satisfied with se@comm and I would most definately recommend your system to any party."

Capt N. Gill, Master of the M/T Accord Express

"It is working very well, that is why we are putting it on another two ships. 99% [of our traffic] is with se@COMM, even the Agents and Charterers are also using the system."

George Vergottis, Director, Valiant Shipping, London, UK