se@FORMS dramatically reduces the cost of transmitting frequently updated information between ships and shore based operations, using the forms the customer currently uses for ship operations. A typical complex operations form such as a formatted Microsoft Word® or Adobe Acrobat® PDF document can be 50-200 Kilobytes in size. se@FORMS can typically send the user's data from such a document at a chargeable file size of 1-2 Kilobytes or less, depending on the data.

How It Works

A typical ship's form consists of a great deal of text and graphics that never change and a small amount of required information added to specific fields. Normally, when such a form is faxed or attached to an email and sent from ship to shore, the sender is paying for the transmission of the ENTIRE form, not just the requested and variable information that needs to be delivered.

With se@COMM the user selects se@FORMS from the standard welcome screen and a list of forms aboard the ship appears. The user simply fills in the fields and presses send. se@COMM transmits only the information contained in the variable fields of your forms over the satellite link. The form templates are stored electronically on the Telaurus servers on land. By only sending the data, which is compressed before it is sent, se@FORMS reduces costs by over 90% in comparison with other transmission technologies, such as fax.

The recipient receives the form both as an Adobe Acrobat® PDF file and as a comma delimited file (.csv) which can be imported directly into any application the user may use.

se@FORMS can be used for all of your company requisitions, pay-roll, inventory, stow plans and other forms, even government and regulatory reporting forms such as ISM safety reports, Notice of Arrival information and required USCG forms.

Forms Conversion Service

Globecomm Maritime will provide, at no charge with each installation, 10 one-page forms used by the customer for ship operations, personalized for each vessel in his fleet, and enable them for se@FORMS use. Any number of additional customer forms can be enabled for a nominal charge.

On-Board Document Library

se@COMM stores customer forms in an on-board document library, instantly available for use at the click of a button. Forms can be pre-configured with the recipient's address, and as for all other communications in se@COMM, the cost of each form, and the dramatically reduced size of the data file, are displayed to the user prior to it being sent.

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