USCG Electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure Submission Utility

se@NOADSM is Globecomm Maritime's solution for the submission of electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure (eNOA/D) forms to the United States Coast Guard National Vessel Movement Center (USCG NVMC). Vessels entering United States ports are now required to submit the eNOA/D form with each arrival and departure. Failure to properly submit this form 96 hours prior to arrival can result in denial of entry and fines.

Fully compliant with the most current version of the USCG XML template, se@NOAD helps ensure that voyages to the United States go as smoothly as possible by providing customers with a user-friendly program that submits the eNOA/D form quickly and inexpensively. se@NOAD software is provided free of charge as opposed to more expensive software solutions such as Microsoft's Infopath, or using third party agents that may charge $150 or more per form to submit the eNOA/D on the vessel's behalf.

Save and Load

Completing the eNOA/D form can be time-consuming as a large amount of data is required by the NVMC. se@NOAD contains save and load features that allow the user to fully complete the eNOA/D form once, and then save the data to the hard drive. Form data can then be retrieved later using the load function and used as a template when completing a new eNOA/D form. Now the user can simply make changes to necessary fields and resubmit the form as a new eNOA/D submission. The user can also complete various parts of the form and save the data to be finished at a later time.


When an eNOA/D form is submitted and accepted by the NVMC, a confirmation number is automatically generated and sent back to the vessel in a confirmation email. The NVMC specifies that any updates made to an eNOA/D submission must contain this confirmation number. se@NOAD simplifies this process by automatically merging the confirmation number into the form data and storing the updated file in a dedicated folder on the user's PC. This form can then be easily accessed when an update is necessary.

Decreased Transmission Size

se@NOAD transmits only the data contained within the eNOA/D form fields along with the field headers. Coupled with the automatic file compression present in se@COMMSM, this reduces the size of the initial file transmission and decreases the cost of submitting eNOA/D forms.

Automatic Carbon Copy (cc:)

se@NOAD gives users the ability to send copies of the eNOA/D submission to any number of recipient groups that are easily defined and selected on the main se@NOAD screen. The user may choose to send the copies in XML format, HTML format (easily viewable in Internet Explorer), or both. Copies will not increase the cost of the transmission as all data is formatted once it reaches the Telaurus server, and then distributed.

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