Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Solution

Keeping virus software up to date on vessels is a common and challenging problem for IT Managers. Beside the daily virus definition updates, most antivirus software update their engines on a regularly basis. While the virus definition files are most likely small in size, the engine update might be large for the transfer to the vessel.

se@SHIELD is an anti-virus tool and anti-malware tool specially designed for the vessel environment. The complete antivirus and anti-malware solution protects PCs against virus and Trojan threats. Files and Folders can be scanned on-demand and are as well as on every access.

Feature Overview

  • On-Access Scanning of Files and Folders
  • On-Demand Scanning of Files and Folders
  • Scheduling of System Scans
  • Scanning of Hard drives, CD/DVDs and Removable Devices
  • Automatically Receiving of Virus Definition File Updates (highly compressed)
  • Customizable Reporting Tools

Virus Definition File Update

The virus definition files of se@SHIELD, installed on the se@COMM PC or LAN attached PC, are automatically kept up-to-date without user input. The database is updated automatically on every PC on the vessel whenever a vessel connects to shore and new files are available.

Daily virus definition files are automatically forwarded to se@COMM-installed vessels maintaining full anti-virus integrity. These update file average no more than 10KB per day. se@SHIELD can be installed on the se@COMM Server PC as well as on LAN attached PCs. Virus definition files are automatically distributed from the se@COMM PC to all other PCs on the vessel.

Users on the vessel are informed about newly installed updates and can verify the date of the virus definition files used on board. Additionally users on shore can use our Ship Management Tool (SMT) to get an overview on Subscription status and virus definition files transferred to the vessel (and its costs).

Reporting & Configuration

se@SHIELD logs scanning and background (update of virus definition database) events and offers reporting tools to the user. It can be easily configured to send reports on Virus Alerts or monthly reports to an e-mail address on shore or ship to give an overview on virus events on the ship. The reports can also be displayed in the se@SHIELD User Interface.

Need More Information?

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