Ship Management Tool

The Ship Management Tool (SMT) gives Globecomm Maritime customers fast access to important information on vessel communications, including email logs, billing and account balance information, email filters and much more - all online from any PC connected to the internet.

The SMT is an all-inclusive tool that can greatly aid in keeping ship managers up to date with the most current information available with regards to fleet communications. All information on SMT is SSL secured and protected by 128 bit encryption. The system offers multiple views of communications activity:

  • Company Overview. Fast and easy access to a complete list of all vessels under the user's company. The overview screen also displays the last connection time/date and number of pending messages next to each vessel name.
  • Vessel Account Overview. From this section, SMT users with the appropriate access level are able to:
    • View account details.
    • View message logs that include delivery time, recipient/sender, message subject, size, and cost.
    • View, add or edit email filters.
    • View se@FORMS aboard each vessel.
    • Change passwords.
    • Sort data by a variety of categories and refine data by date-range
  • Billing Detail Overview. View, download and print comprehensive billing totals broken down by vessel. Further billing details can be obtained in each billing period for each vessel:
    • Total amount invoiced per service (se@COMM data, voice, etc).
    • Message/call details for each user including individual message/call cost.
    • Date, time, sender/recipient, original message size, compressed message size and cost details are available for all se@COMM data traffic.
    • Date, time, satellite network, originating number, destination number, duration and cost details are available for all voice traffic.
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