KU-Band Maritime Service

Connecting 3,000 vessels around the world


The world's trade moves by water. Oil, coal, minerals, food, heavy equipment, consumer goods – you name it. And along with it moves a weightless cargo: information. For today's maritime fleet, 24x7 connectivity is increasingly a necessity, not an option.

Globecomm works with shipowners and managers, terminal manufacturers and mobile technology companies to create maritime satellite networks that meet the exploding need for connectivity at sea. From email and Internet access to real-time monitoring of cargo or shipboard systems, our se@FLEX platform ensures cost-effective, always-on connections, supporting efficient operations as well as crew welfare. For thousands of vessels and platforms, se@FLEX delivers automatic roaming between Ku-band satellite beams and automatic failover to Inmarsat Fleet Broadband in case the primary circuit is lost.

Globecomm Maritime offers the world's largest Ku-band maritime service coverage reaching 95% of the world's shipping lanes, and a worldwide managed network of fiber-linked teleports for transmission and management of customer traffic.

For global shipping lines, always-on connectivity offers the next generation of safety, efficiency and quality assurance for customers. For Globecomm, it's just another day at the office – even if the office is moving 100,000 tons of cargo through the sea.

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