DVB-T2 Appliance

DVB-2 TunerAnalog TV systems require programs to occupy the entire licensed frequency band, which sharply limits the broadcaster's ability to meet viewer demand. That's why converting analog systems to digital brings so many benefits. With h.264 encoding technology and transport stream multiplexing, broadcasters can place multiple services on a single band. At the same time, digital terrestrial television (DTT) systems offer simplified operation, lower operational expenses and reduced maintenance costs.

Globecomm offers broadcasters a self-contained, fully-tested, configurable system for analog-to-digital upgrade of terrestrial TV systems without disrupting program origination. Our DVB-T2 Appliance has been designed to operate with all of the world standards for digital terrestrial television broadcasting. The compact unit can support up to ten channels and provides, in less than one-half of a standard cabinet:

  • A Media Convergence Platform that is highly configurable, compact, and easily expanded
  • A DVB-T2 Gateway that provides a central point of control for DVB-T2 networks.
  • A Universal Modulator that supports all of the world standards for digital terrestrial television broadcasting.
  • A Platform Manager that provides DVB-SI as well as many other interactive enhancements.
  • A Central Processing Unit providing browser-based monitor and control.
  • A Test Signal and Master Timing Generator providing analog, digital and audio test signals and GPS-based timing information.
  • A Platform Manager server for processing and transport of Service Information.

The DVB-T2 Appliance is quick and cost-effective to deploy within existing plant. That makes it the ideal way to bring DTT service to market fast while keeping options open for future upgrade.

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