Media Processing Centers & IP Video Delivery

The success of the Internet Protocol as a standard for digital transmission is revolutionizing the engineering of the traditional broadcast center. In response, Globecomm has developed an architecture for the Media Processing Center - a facility that ingests content in native IP format and seamlessly configures it for delivery in multiple formats through multiple media, from DTH to IPTV to mobile video. In the process, we have developed substantial expertise in transcoding, video data element management and IP video delivery.

Media Processing Centers provide end-to-end management of programming, including:

  • Program acquisition from satellite, terrestrial and physical media sources
  • Content encoding, quality control, management, and scheduling
  • Formatting, scheduling and distribution via multiple media

Whether applied on a facility wide basis or engineered for specific applications, the Media Processing Center architecture simplifies design, reduces operating and maintenance costs and replaces frequent transcoding with end-to-end native IP.

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