Summit Fixed Earth Stations

Summit fixed earth stations come in configurations ranging from sub-meter antennas up to Standard A, customized for each installation from a field-proven set of building blocks that provides high reliability and fast turn-up at a very competitive price.

Summit satellite communication systems include all electronics (L through Ku-band and all intermediate frequencies) needed to meet the customer's requirements for transmit, receive and interface to terrestrial networks, either integrated into the antenna or within a separate shelter or building. Also included is complete system documentation and Globecomm's commitment to make sure the system we sell you successfully enters service, no matter what.


Summit satellite communications systems also offer such optional features as uplink power control, de-icing, tracking, uninterruptible power system/backup generator, equipment shelter and Spyglass monitor, control and carrier monitoring software.

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Globecomm offers a wide range of Managed Network Services for voice, data, Internet and video that leverage our global transmission capacity and our network of data center, content management and switching facilities. To maximize the uptime of your network, we also offer Lifecycle Support Services including network monitoring, help desk, installation and field service.