Wireless Products

Field-Proven Wireless Technology

Globecomm includes specialized, state-of-the-art products in the design & integration of cellular networks. Products are based on a field-proven set of building blocks that allow us to quickly customize systems while providing high reliability and fast turn-up at a very competitive price.

  • SatCell Wireless Integrated satellite earth station and wireless base station, designed either for permanent installation or housed in rugged transport cases for instant deployment of cellular voice and data services
  • FAST (Forward-Deployed Asset Support Terminal). Enterprise-class portable terminal providing an instant communications hub, supplied with ready-to-deploy personnel, logistics support and on-demand satellite bandwidth.
  • Secure Cell Specialized handsets, base stations and a central switch providing secure private communications on demand
  • Base Stations Base station and gateway equipment from the world's leading manufacturers, configured and customized to the unique needs of the cellular networks we design.

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